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Our Fulvic Ionic Liquid Minerals help to restore the balance to cell life, essentially preventing the breakdown and demise of cells by normalizing the chemical balance of each cell and improving its potential within your body.

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Regular Price: $49.99

Special Price $34.95



Our Fulvic Acid Trace Minerals Product has been rated #1 among analyses performed by independent labs around the world! This is the Missing Link for optimal nutrition.

Optimally Organic, Fulvic Acid Suppliers, ensures that these trace minerals are 100% Bio-Active Alkaline and Bio-Available for the prime health of your body. It allows the natural detoxing of the body, with zero harmful side effects.

Since the introduction of commercialized farming with the use of GMOs (genetically modified organisms), fertilizers and pesticides, our food supply has experienced a great deficiency in trace minerals over the last few decades. Even though the benefits of modernized farming gives consumers larger and juicier produce to pick from, the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables is severely lacking in trace minerals required for a healthy lifestyle. 

Optimally Organic’s Fulvic Ionic Liquid Minerals include bio-available organic and complex Fulvic acid, electrolytes, Humic acid, essential amino acids, and 70+ trace minerals in ionic form, all working together to create a healthier you.

Our Fulvic Ionic Liquid Minerals help to restore the balance to cell life, essentially preventing the breakdown and demise of cells by normalizing the chemical balance of each cell and improving its potential within your body. This is made possible by the utilization of Humic acid, which is used to attack the salt acids that latch onto the cell membranes.

"The Fulvic acid is then able to flush out the toxins and send nutrients into the cell."

These two acids, along with trace minerals, work together to break down inorganic substances by turning them into organic matter that can be flushed from the system, including petroleum and radiation.

Some key benefits to note about our Fulvic trace minerals are:

  • Fulvic Acid increases the body’s alkalinity
  • 70+ natural trace minerals for absolute absorption
  • Removal of salt acids surrounding and hardening cell walls, to create permeability of cells
  • Enables cells to absorb nutrients and is a multi-directional antioxidant
  • Fulvic Ionic Minerals, with Trace Minerals and necessary Amino Acids, which cannot be produced in our bodies, are required for the success of multiple metabolic functions
  • Allows the ultimate absorption of “super foods,” herbs and vitamins, for effective utilization by the body
  • Increases mental clarity, energy and sense of welfare, by nourishing every cell in the body

Optimally Organic produces the purest Fulvic liquid minerals on the earth, from one of the most uncontaminated sources on earth, located in a lush wooded area of the southern United States. Having its own pure aquifer water source, it naturally filters the rich plant-based humic ingredients that are used in our products. Millions of years ago, this lush rainforest was moved underground by a glacier, providing this natural miracle product, free of heavy metals. This gem sits on protected land and is never strip-mined, ensuring that this product can help many people across the world. 

Our exclusive 3-year patent pending process allows us to provide you with trace minerals of only the purest and most concentrated form in the world. Our extraction process is free of harmful chemicals or acids, and 100% Pure and Natural, as we only use clean and fresh distilled water. Optimally Organic guarantees the adherence to high ecological and social processing standards. 

With trace minerals higher than any of the other fulvic acid suppliers in the world, our Fulvic Ionic Liquid Minerals are the most concentrated and pure source found. 



The perfect balance of all-natural ingredients, including fulvic acid, humic acid, amino acids, electrolytes and ionic trace minerals, to provide the best possible health for you and your family.

100% Bio-Available and Bio-Active

Suggested Use:
Internal Use: Adults, dilute 5 to 7 drops in 8 to 15 oz. of purified water or fresh juice, 1 to 3 times per day, depending on health.  
Children should receive the recommended dosage of 1 drop per 35 lb. of body weight diluted in 8 oz. of purified water or fresh juice, 1 to 2 times per day, depending on health. Discuss all supplements with your doctor before administering.

Pets: Dilute 1 drop in food or water for every 30 lb. of body weight, up to 3 times per day. Discuss all supplements with your veterinarian before administering.

Topical Use: Apply directly to affected area at full concentration. Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid contact with clothing or upholstery, as staining will occur.


Keep out of reach of children. Consult physician prior to use if pregnant or lactating.


Do not drink directly from the bottle. Do not mix in water with chlorine or fluoride; distilled water, spring water, or clean well water are ideal.





Product packaging is a consideration that Optimally Organic does not take lightly. We know that compromising even the slightest step in the production process can severely affect the qualities of the finished product, rendering it completely useless or even toxic. As a result of the shortcuts we witnessed other suppliers taking, we decided that we wanted to change that; we wanted to be the difference that people saw in their health. Because we care so much about the ultimate health of you and your family, we feel that educating people about the hidden dangers and reasons behind ineffective products on the market today is important.

If Fulvic Ionic Liquid Minerals are packaged in anything other than glass, it dramatically diminishes the effectiveness of the product as a result of its highly reactive consistency, which renders it utterly ineffective -- and even toxic.

There have been studies conducted that show the inability of Fulvic Ionic Liquid Minerals to dissolve and bond minerals and nutritional elements together, as a result of its smaller molecules, or molecular weight.

However, Fulvic Ionic Liquid Minerals have the ability to break down and adhere to anything which the solution contacts, including storage vessels. 

Fulvic acid can react both positively and negatively with unpaired charged electrons, thereby rendering free radicals harmless. So why jeopardize the benefits of Fulvic Ionic Liquid Minerals because of the bottle the solution is packaged in? Receive the full effectiveness of Fulvic Ionic Liquid Minerals by purchasing from reputable fulvic acid suppliers that use glass packaging, namely Optimally Organic. 

At Optimally Organic, we value the synergistic qualities that natural products can offer. That is why we take pride in the research, harvesting, processing, packaging, storage and distribution of all of our products. We want our customers to be able to experience every potential benefit that our products offer, just as nature intends, reducing exposure to harmful toxins. 


Other fulvic acid suppliers do not admittedly reveal to you the harmful potential of the products they sell. Why would they support the importance of only drinking clean, pure water that is not packaged in plastic, but then turn around and push the sale of their highly reactive products that are packaged in the very same type of plastic bottle? Don’t be deceived, when it comes to Fulvic Acid products, because there is no such thing as a safe plastic.

You can further research this health-related issue by checking out the links provided below. Ultimately, the choice is yours; Optimally Organic merely wants you to be educated about the full health benefits of properly produced fulvic acid with trace minerals. 



Through extensive research and laboratory testing, Optimally Organic has discovered the harmful nature of products from other fulvic acid suppliers.


That is why Optimally Organic produces only organic complex Fulvic Ionic Liquid Minerals derived from trace minerals found in the southern United States from 100% all-natural and pure sources. Our products are free of preservatives and additives.

Our thorough laboratory testing determines that Optimally Organic Fulvic Ionic Liquid Minerals are the most natural source of premium quality fulvic and humic acid and trace minerals, throughout the world. Containing extremely high levels of fulvic acid, humic acid and trace minerals, Optimally Organic produces the most highly concentrated version of Fulvic Ionic Liquid Minerals on the market.  

Another exciting fact about our Fulvic Ionic Liquid Minerals is that they are derived from the purest fulvic and humic acid to be found, free of heavy metals, and with only trace amounts of ionic iron, allowing the best cell absorption possible, providing required nutrients while detoxifying. The trace minerals found in our products are completely balanced and derived from natural plants that contain colloidal and ionic minerals.

Because of the low pH levels of fulvic acid (3.0) in its natural concentrated state, it is not a result of the addition of chemicals or other additives. When diluted in water, fulvic acid becomes suitable to drink, because the pH levels are raised to an acceptable 7.0 to 9.0. On average, a healthy person should consume up to 20 ounces of water with diluted fulvic acid with trace minerals a day, by way of using the recommended dosage of Optimally Organic’s X350 solution.   

New Mexico
Because of the low levels of fulvic acid, humic acid and trace minerals found in New Mexico, fulvic acid suppliers will add potassium chloride to the solution as a means to preserve the solution and prevent the growth of fungus. In high amounts, potassium chloride can stop any person’s heart. This is a very dangerous additive, and should not be considered safe to consume. There is no special process to improve the quality of additives in fulvic acid. Any other source, other than Optimally Organic’s all-natural process, should not be a consideration to attain optimal health. 

Since Utah contains extremely low compounds of fulvic acid, humic acid and trace minerals, and is alarmingly high in toxic heavy metals, fulvic acid suppliers using Utah-based sources should not be trusted. Because the molecules do not absorb properly into the cells, it can result in toxic levels of heavy metals. 

Canada and International Countries
There are extremely low concentrations of naturally occurring fulvic and humic acid and trace minerals, as well as an increased source of peat, coal and bog moss, which causes any fulvic products to be contaminated by bacteria. To reduce this occurrence, fulvic acid suppliers in Canada will typically add sodium benzoate as a preservative, which is damaging to the effects of fulvic acid products.  

One 2 ounce bottle of Optimally Organic’s Fulvic Ionic Liquid Minerals X350 contains more essential nutrients from fulvic and humic acid, amino acids and trace minerals than more than 75 bottles of most of our competitors’ products. Containing all-natural and balanced fulvic and humic acid with trace minerals to bring you “Optimal” health!

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