Alfalfa Grass Powder (1/4 lb)

Alfalfa Grass Powder (1/4 lb)

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Raw Organic Freeze Dried Alfalfa Juice Powder

Pure, Organic, Bio-active, Enzyme Rich, and Alive!
Never heated or irradiated, no additives or preservatives!

Organically grown in the USA!

Pure freeze dried (never heated) organic alfalfa juice packed with living enzymes and so nutrient dense it is considered one of the most beneficial Superfoods on Earth. The essential enzymes include Protease (assists in protein digestion), Cytochrome Oxidase (a powerful antioxidant), Amylase (facilitates digestion), Lipase (a fat splitting enzyme), Transhydrogenase (strengthens the heart muscle) and Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) (found in all body cells and is known for its ability to lessen the effect of radiation and slow cellular aging).